Message from the General secretary.

Dear friends,

The need for a trainee and Early career psychiatrists association has never been more relevant and important across the nation.  It is with utmost pleasure I can say our network as one very large, diverse, one of the best association in our country.  We are an association by the trainees and for the trainees that provides top-class opportunities to learn, teach, and mentor, and to share top-quality research, education, and opportunities for the trainees and ECPs.We are an association which advocates, brainstorm, network and socialize with friends who are working in the field of mental health and colleagues all over the country and world.

We need to stand together to address the inequities and inequalities in psychiatry training across the country. Everyone should get an equal opportunity to learn and share their knowledge. This in turn helps in providing the best available care for the people suffering from mental health ailments in our country.

The response and support which we are getting from our colleagues nationally and internationally are tremendous. The response to our academic initiatives is helping a huge number of trainees across the country.

I thank you, members, and our several committee representatives for your continued participation and enthusiasm in our professional community, and mentors for your incredible support and advice.

Thank you one and all. Looking forward to seeing you soon in our initiatives.

Long Live IAPT