Message from President, IAPT for the website


It’s with great joy and humility that I introduce you to the Indian Association of Psychiatry Trainees (IAPT). Established in October 2020, this organization addresses an unmet need of overcoming inequities routinely faced by psychiatry trainees and early career professionals.

Psychiatry training programs have been mushrooming around the country to close the shortfall in human resources for mental health care services. Across different stages of their development, learning opportunities, and clinical resources are sometimes scarce. Furthermore, training programs are not always well equipped with standardized teaching about psychotherapy, brain stimulation, amongst many other services. Early career professionals also face many challenges, keeping in mind their multiple roles as clinicians, academicians, researchers, and administrators.

 This association is unique in its standing, membership, goals, and objectives; most importantly, it’s a way for trainees and early career psychiatrists in India to collaboratively identify and address their needs. Over time, the association will be one of the drivers for change concerning training in psychiatry in India, and we hope for many other countries around the world to follow our lead.

As an association “for the trainees, by the trainees”, we welcome every doctor training to be a psychiatrist in India via one of the recognized courses- MD/ DNB or DPM, to join the world’s soon-to-be largest Young Psychiatrists’ Organisation. We invite our colleagues in their first decade after qualification as a psychiatrist, to join us as early Career Members and to further empower us in realizing our vision. Our sources of strength are our seniors and teachers, who have gone on ahead of us, and we invite them to join as alumni members.

We further invite trainees in other allied mental health disciplines to join us as associate members to enrich each others’ learning experiences and outcomes. Psychiatry trainees and early career professionals worldwide are also invited to join the IAPT as overseas affiliate members and contribute from their experiences.

Membership to this association is via a nominal subscription collected annually towards its smooth functioning. It will allow unfettered access to ALL the events and deliberations of the IAPT. We are excited about all the regional, national, and international events being planned and will soon be announced. While you are here, do subscribe to the Newsletter- “Vox Psychiatria” for all the things that might tickle your interests. Additionally, do check out our YouTube channel for more content.

I hope you will join us in our journey of “connecting and collaborating to overcome inequities” – across India and Asia. We promise you’ll have fun!!


Long Live the IAPT!


Dr. Sharad Philip

Founding President