Greetings from the desk of Vice President IAPT…


Psychiatry is a medical speciality that is least explored but rich with interesting clinical phenomena, specialized clinical approaches,novel treatment strategies  along with unique training as compared to other medical specialities. These aspects therefore make it quite interesting, enriching and exciting. It is therefore prudent to understand the various underpinnings , biological substrates and psychosocial dimensions which generate and influence a particular symptom or behaviour in psychiatry. Therefore, like a modern day Sherlock Holmes, the study of psychiatry is as much an art as it is a science but we cannot neglect the science behind it. 

It is with this concept of addressing the lacunae that results due to non-uniform teaching and practice of the core concepts of psychiatry owing to multiple reasons we initiated the Indian association of Psychiatry Trainees (IAPT); an association for , by and of the Psychiatry trainees and Early Career Psychiatrists (ECPs) to bridge the knowledge- practice gap along with providing easy access to network and collaborate with our peers nationally and internationally. IAPT also envisages in providing appropriate support to help the trainees and ECPs with lifelong mentoring and supervision in improving both knowledge and the delivery of mental health care services. 

The theme of “ collaborating and networking to bridge inequities“ therefore is of essence and we urge all the trainees and ECPs  in India to be a part of this enriching community and be an ambassador of mental health care.


Best wishes !!!

Dr.Thomas Gregor Issac,

MBBS, PhD( Clinical Neurosciences) , MD(Psychiatry) , DNB ( Psychiatry)